In Barcelona, ​​whatever the neighborhood you walk, be sure there is something to see. From the jewels of Modernism to contemporary architecture, through the markets, the treasures of the ancient, Romanesque and medieval city or the parks, everything encourages discovery. The history of Barcelona goes back to the Neolithic era. At the end of the 1st century BC BC, a Roman colony was founded on this territory under the name of Barcino and for more than 200 years, Barcelona was under Muslim domination. It then became a county of the Carolingian Empire and the usual residence of the crown of Aragon. The fruitful medieval era made Barcelona an economic and political center of the western Mediterranean, and the Gothic Quarter is a precious testimony. After a period of decline, the twentieth century inaugurated a major urban transformation in the city of Barcelona. One of the most renowned architects of this period was Catalan Antoni Gaudí, who is the author of works as internationally known as Casa Milà (also called Pedrera), Casa Batlló or Sagrada Familia.

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