Collioure on the Vermeille Coast : Grand site of Occitanie



Grand Occitanie Sites ? The unmissables of the Occitanie/ South of France destination, over 40 major sites giving you the history of the region and the magnificent scenery.

« Collioure en Côte Vermeille, grand Site Occitanie » is one the sites alongside the prestigious Rocamdour or the Gard Bridge. Part of the Community of communes Albères-Côte Vermeille-Illibéris, Collioure, Port-Vendres, Banyuls sur Mer are based on four major themes:

  • The medieval heritage that witnesses the lands history 
  • Over hundreds of years of fortifications and stratification make the route and border area.
  • A spot that revolutionized the twentieth century paintings and sculptors
  • Tradition is still a major part of the cultural, social economic and evolutive landscape. 


There is a link between these four major themes and other grand sites of Occitanie, dating back to medieval times and the Mallorca kingdom in Perpignan. The notion of a border, crossing over land, military fortifications, the scenery and the local know-how especially the renowned vineyard terraces of the Vermeille Coast.

While taking a guided tour, open wide your eyes and you will see why « Collioure en Côte Vermeille » deserves the designation of « Grand Site Occitanie Sud de France ».