Les Albères

Unique land where the mountains throw themselves into the Mediterranean Sea giving an exceptional landscape.

As one approaches the coast, breathtaking views of the rocky coves leave the walkers speechless. To the West views of the mount Canigou and the Roussillon plaines charm the hikers. And from the Neulos Puig (1256m) the braver ones can admire the Ampourdan Plaine in Spain.

The Albères hold a lot of history due to the closeness with Spain. Scattered with watchtowers carring the history through the years and standing up to all elements you can find: Tower of Madeloc, Tower of Massane, Tower of Querroigt, the batteries and forts above Port Vendres and the strategic line above Montesquieu.

Life has always been busy at the foothills of the Albères and a major natural material reserve for mankind (wood, water, iron ore etc…) that has long been established. 

Dolmens, rock shelters, coal, sheds, ice wells, glass oven, lime oven, iron mines are all witnesses of the hustle and bustle in the upland.

Hikers can discover the local history in full-scale by roaming the 350km of marked trails.