The glass workshops of Palau and Saint-André

The origin of glass-makers in the Albères dates back to the middle ages. Glass making develops around the middle of the fifteenth century and workshops are established in Perpignan, Elne, Saint-André-de-Sorède, Villelongue-dels-monts and Laroque des Albères.

In the years 1440 glassmakers in Palau increase to a point that the village is named Palau-del Vidre (Glass Palace)

The manufacture of glass requires specifics materials.

The Albères provided the combustible material and the Tech the siliceous sands.

Others ingredients such as caustic soda and lime were also produced locally.

Glass production is well established in the Albères, it persists until the sixteenth century, whereas the other Roussillonnais workshops undergo brutal interruptions during the previous century.

In the seventies, glass crafts were again encouraged in Palau-del-Vidre. It is then one of the strong points of the village. 

Since 1994, organized by the Association of Heritage, Arts & Culture, the Glass festival takes place early August and brings together glassmakers from all over the world.

Glassmakers are currently also installed in the neighbouring villages of Saint-André, Elne and Laroque-des-Albères